Premium Account

We offer Premium Accounts! For EUR 5,00 per month you have access to the whole list of Shops/Vendors that are in the Database!

 How to get a Premium Account

To upgrade your Account to a Premium Account contact us via E-Mail on If you already made an Donation you will automatically get your Account upgraded to Premium. The time period depends on the amount you have donated. If you donated 100 Euro or more you will get Lifetime Premium!

 Pricing of Premium Accounts

You have to pay the costs first and then your Account will be upgraded. Here is the Scale of Prices:

  •   5.00 – 1 Month (EUR 5.00/Month)
  •   13.50 – 3 Months (EUR 4.50/Month)
  •   21.00 – 6 Months (EUR 3.50/Month)
  •   36.00 – 12 Months (EUR 3.00/Month)
  •   100.00 – Lifetime (EUR x.xx/Month)

 Example Premium Features

  •  Access to the page where all Shops/Vendors are listed
  •  You can straight see which Shops/Vendors are legit (Feedbacks and total Score)
  •  There will be much more Premium Features like search for a substance and see which Shop/Vendor is selling it
  •  If new Features are in the testing phase of developement you can use them bef√≥re everyone else
  •  Much more coming soon!