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There has been many bugs in the last time and I had not enough time to fix them. But now I think the most important are fixed. If you find any, sent me a mail. So here is what I have fixed:

  • All Icons (fontawesome) did not work. Whey work now!
  • The "Add Feedback" - Rating System didnt work. I just made a rough fix. The old one will come back in future. But working!
  • Small fixes


On this Page you can find a list of all Users who help and support:
Bug-Reports, Vendor-Feedbacks, Donators, Moderators and Other Supporters.


Here you can find a overview of the number of all data which are stored in the database of
Vendors, Vendor-Feedbacks, Marketplaces, Categories, Articles, Products, Payment-Methods, Shipping-Methods, RegĂ­stered Users, Generated Invite Codes and Countries.


This Site shows you all informations about Premium Accounts:

  • How to get a Premium Account
  • Features of a Premium Account
  • Pricing of a Premium Account


  • I regularly search the Web for new Shops and add them to SafeNoScam
  • I add all informations available to the database
  • I worked more than 100 hours on this project and I am still adding more features to the Website.

If you donate to help me making SafeOrScam better you will get a Premium Rank for a certain time and you will be listed on the Supporter Page


The Contact-Page was added. Here you can find the E-Mail-Adress for contacting me


A Discord Server was set up.
Here you can communicate with the Site-Admin and other users, talk about Vendors and report Bugs.