Running this website/service for you takes not only time. There are monthly/yearly costs for webhost/domain.
At the moment I worked about ~100 hours on this project and it is getting more and more.
I am glad that I can offer this service completely free but if you want to show your support, you can do this by donations.

Users who have dontated an amount over 5 euro will get a premium rank. At the moment it is just an optical difference but during the developement of the website there will be premium member only features, such as search vendors by selled products, and more. Just send me a mail when you have done the Bitcoin transaction with all the details so I can assign the donation to your account!

via Bitcoin

The most easy way to donate is via Bitcoin (BTC).
Just send the desired amount of Bitcoins to my Donation-Wallet:

Other ways

If you want to donate in an other way than Bitcoins just ask for per mail:

Other possibilities to donate are PayPal, Bank Transfer, and more. Just ask for it!